I’ve “golfed” every summer since I can remember… I’ve done lessons here and there, I would play a par 3 maybe twice a summer with my dad but I was never consistent or that committed to getting better. I wasn’t confident on the golf course so I usually avoided it. I could hit the ball but it just wasn’t happening how it was supposed to (if you heard someone yelling FORE every 5 minutes, that was me).

My main issues were: always hitting the ball to the right, not getting enough distance, and not making good contact consistently.

That all changed last summer when I joined the Golf & Tacos medium-level golf lessons. Every Tuesday night for 4 weeks I went to the driving range with a group of amazing ladies and in my first lesson, I learned SO much. It took something as simple as fixing my grip to help me hit the ball straighter. Some other things I learned was how important the finish position is, how to use my hips properly, and how to hit my driver better, all very key things. In between lessons, I would go to the driving range to practice and also try to play a course each week.

Successes: I feel 100x more confident to play on the golf course, I fixed the issues that I’ve had for years and I enjoy golf so much more.

Here are some tips that I picked up from this golf season:

  •   Find people you love to golf with
  •   Drinks help (tacos also help)
  •   Be ready for any weather
  •   Practice your ass off! The more you play the better you will get
  •   If you have an issue with your swing that you can’t fix, get some help from a pro

Golf questions for me? Come hang on IG and follow along this summer as I keep working on my golf game!  




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